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stickers I spent most of the day just putting togeater

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I didnt draw anything for Rin’s birthday

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quick keychains

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:) too adorable to pass up


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more creepy antagonist cold war!hetalia yes-

the idea is that america’s utterly brilliant and ruthless as a superpower, but his youth still shines through: his malice towards russia just has this frighteningly childish and petulant edge.

this is supposed to be in the late 1940s- just after world war 2. The US and the Soviet Union brought their Cold War rivalry right into the newly-formed United Nations- they’d abuse their veto privilege to block resolutions involving their allies and purposely introduce ones that criticised the Soviet/Western bloc. You’d have America criticising the Soviets from cracking down on the Prague Spring, while the CIA propped up anti-communist authoritarian regimes elsewhere.

America’s ascendancy had already begun after the American Civil War, but it was WW2 that really made him a superpower. His economy had not only grown, but was undamaged whereas the old European powers were pretty much all economically ruined and demoralised. 


superpowers- old and new

well i just really wanted to draw rusame and china and iran (the old geezers hehe) they’re both amazingly ancient and contiguous civilisations, much older than the other countries, being 4000+ and 2500+ years old. i like to think china and iran would get together and complain about being old and how annoying all these youngsters are over tea (another thing in common hahaha). 

The Persian empire/Achaemenid Iran at one point commanded 44% of the world’s population, and was the largest ancient empire in terms of land area (yes, even bigger than the Roman empire), and had trade ties with then Ancient China. I always envisioned Iran as a woman, for some reason! i was also inspired by cuscatlanaziz,who draws awesome personifications of iran and other central asian/middle eastern countries ^^

in any case, i do wonder how global politics will be like 50 years from now ;) 






he’s pretty much blind probably